Backrooms Game Theory What Happens A Lot

Backrooms Game Theory What Happens A Lot

The Backroom Game Theory crew takes a break from the norm and brings you a roundtable discussion on what happens when you play a lot of Magic.

The topic was inspired by our recent conversation about how we got into MTG, which led to us discussing how much time we spend playing it. We believe it’s important for players to know that there is an upper limit where your health and relationships could be at risk if you don’t take care of yourself first!

Team A Or Team B Is Going To Win Anyways

Backroom Game Theory is the concept that a game has already been decided, and it’s just a matter of time before someone wins or loses. In this case, both Team A and Team B are going to win or lose regardless of what happens during the main event.

It’s not a good situation for anyone involved because both teams will have wasted time preparing for something that wasn’t going to happen in the first place. It’s also not good news for spectators who want an entertaining match between two evenly-matched opponents they’ll end up disappointed by either outcome!

No One Knows Who Is Going To Win

You’ve probably heard the term “backroom game theory” before, but what does it mean?

Backroom game theory is a situation where no one knows who will win. The term comes from poker players who used to play in backrooms because they were not allowed to gamble in public places like casinos or bars. Because of this, there’s no way for you to know whether or not your opponent has any good cards at all or if they’re bluffing!

Let’s look at some examples:

  • A game of chance like roulette may seem like an obvious example of backroom game theory since there’s no way for anyone involved in the game (except maybe luck) to know who will win until after it happens. However, even though everyone else might have lost their money on red with zero evidence that their decision was correct or incorrect (other than their own intuition), there still needs some sort of mechanism for determining whether or not someone wins so that everyone feels as though their time spent playing was worth something; otherwise, people would simply stop playing altogether! Roulette uses its spinning wheel as this kind of device by giving each player equal odds every time he/she bets against another person without knowing whether his/her choice will result in success versus failure until after both sides have placed their respective wagers: one person wins while another loses–and then everything resets itself again next round so that neither party ever has an advantage over another unless someone cheats somehow 🙂

Team A Or Team B Is “Doomed”

When a team is down by a lot, but still has a chance to win the game, they are said to be “doomed.” This can be true for either Team A or Team B. In this case, both teams are doomed because there is no way for them each win. However, if you’re playing on Team A and it looks like you’ll lose the game with only 5 seconds left in regulation (or overtime), then your team is doomed no matter what happens next: there will always be less than 5 seconds left when your opponent scores their final point!

Losing And It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins

You’re a player on the losing team. You know that your team is going to lose, but it doesn’t matter who wins, because both teams are going to lose in this scenario.

You’re a player on the winning team. You know that your team is going to win, but it doesn’t matter who loses and how much they lose by you’ll still be able to say that your team won and theirs lost!

It’s Not A Good Situation For Anyone

A lot of times, teams are in a bad situation. There’s no way around that.

The good news is that they can only go up from there! And when they do, it’s always better than the alternative being stuck in a “Backroom Game Theory” situation where everyone is unhappy and unhappy people don’t want to play with each other again.


So, the takeaway here is that you should try not to get caught up in backrooms. It’s not a good situation for anyone and it can end badly if you don’t keep an eye on things. If you do find yourself in one, just remember these tips!